Journey of building fashion empire from very early stage.

Welcome to my journey of building fashion empire at early stage. At this stage I am setting up pillars for what I expect to be fashion empire in 10 years.


Dad of two girls. Young fashionable ones. Dad with 16-years experience as Art Director - $60M media company, and Head of Marketing - $30M fashion e-commerce company, now working on his own projects, in love with AI and e-commerce.

They are now under 5 now, but already fashionable and love dressing up. Best think I did for myself is started investing in my 20tis. Now 40, I can rely on it. So make sense to start even earlier for your kids, right?

Where this put you - my dear visitor? You can witness building a fashion company from very early and see basis of it even before name or model exist.


We did started - with our mvp called Coshio - designer fashion shopping portal with over 2,000 brands and designers, handpicked, which allow you to browse over 60,000 products at best prices and with worldwide free shipping on most. How?

Being in marketing for long time I focused heavily on automation. Today, we call it AI. As my system are now advance to stage where they pick products without my knowledge. What I enter into system is categories we are focusing on. For the example designer dresses on sale are our big focus right now. I also suggest brands that should be more valuable than others, as well as partners. For the example we totally love Matches Fashion as our favorite designer shop, with huge choice of top designers, great prices, free shipping and service to match. Now, all this is suggest to system, our backend system that have name (but I won’t tell you that name yet), system decide itself which products should be offered to our visitors and pull images, prices and details. When there are products which are more attractive, system will replace and pull new products, switch homepage products, brands in focus and similar. Practically letting me only periodically ‘suggest’ brands and products, but let my portal work on itself what it will offer. Based on previous sales, system will use data on what sold well, to whom and at this condition and make adjustments to improve sales. At the same time system will use outside data, which can be easily monitored to check what else is popular and weight it against what is offered on our website, therefore system can suggest products and brands too, even without my help. Goal is to make my system more efficient in suggesting brand and products than myself. Well, it can read more data and understand it faster than me. Now what i have to do is make sure system ‘understanding’ of data is accurate. It can check around 37 million data points in less than hour, so for sure more than me, even if i have huge coffee, still can not keep up.

Next. AI?

I call this humanless e-commerce. My hope is to make it fully commercially available in the future. On website that will be owned by my daughters.

If you are interested to learn more about AI and how can effect your work in the future, your business or company you are working for, I recommend you to check free and relatively short at around 4h of video, course “AI for everyone’ by Andrew Ng on Coursera.

Current version that you see is Wordpress with customer php built backend, that feed on data form mysql. Set of algorithms I built with friend, Damir, allowed system to crunch reports and change components on the website through series of cron jobs on hourly basis. When I decided to move data into ElasticSearch, algorithms to R and connect using Kafka, I failed. It was just too hard to find people who will work on project with me and at the same time bootstrapping it. I did receive Angel investment from EU VC company, but I never took money. Really. As I was struggling to find team I didn't believe that extra money will help, so I may take it later, if I restart project with a new team in the future. If you have good business money will always come.

Where this put my adventure? You see backbones that I am working on. Technical. I love data. I am data-geek. When I was working and drive to work every day (I love driving too!) I would have stopwatch on my dash, measuring time to work and calculating which traffic light will open when and how heavy will be traffic at each intersection. Therefore I would test different combinations of highways and small streets to get optimal and quickest route. Yes, i love data and making fast decisions in my head based on it. But, here is another part.


We shop more and more by being influenced by someone else style. There are too many new brands and designer and styles to catch up, so it’s much easier and more rewarding to see what someone else already curated for you. Therefore - influencers.

Yes, they are very important components in today shopping. And their influence will only grown. How can I get into this trend as data-geek? Well, not me - my daughters will. They really love it, taking my phone away and recording video and taking photos. Dressing u and and asking me to take photo of them. True. Not influenced by geek daddy for sure, but by traveling around the world and visiting some very interesting places and stylish people. Girls are born in Taiwan (due to best healthcare being here, no related heritage), visited Japan, China and Europe before being 1 year old and then traveled around the world before age of 2. Older one already visited 5 continents as she was in Africa and Morocco at age of 4. This bit hectic life, influence they style, make them open to experiments and being in love with ‘cool’ things. Seriously, sometime when we go out, older one dress up looking like little Japanese fashion star, with leg warmers, colorful clothes, romantic fluffy dress and even make her own hairstyle with several crazy headbands. Sometime does not look too well by normal standards and her hair could look messy and stand in some crazy up and sideways position, but i totally let her go out like that, as i think fostering creativity and individuality is super important.

My daughter, 18 months old, with wife posing over the Union Square in San Francisco. You can see she get goods look from mom.

Can 18 months old enjoy shopping at Macy’s? Well, this one does fo sure. Both photos copyrights by me, so no using it elsewhere please.

Therefore in next year or so, I will start helping them build social, influencer profiles. I asked older one if she want that and she said yes. She want to make video and show to other how they can do things, especially she is interested in sharing her hair-styles. She is very pretty too, people always give us compliments, as her mom is Asian tall, model-looking girls and dad, me, well I am sporty and decent looking too. Actually I am only one who have professional photo gig as once was featured in catalogue for professional computer equipment- HA!. Back to daughters. By the time their influencer profile grow up, I expect to master my automated system of ‘humanless e-commerce’ and therefore…

Match made in heaven.

This is really fun project that I also expect to be very worth so I am happy to share ideas, don’t hesitate to comment and discuss business model, that as I said i did not perfected yet, but I can see it developing. There are several component that I did NOT reveal here and I will keep it as secret while I am testing. Of course this all would not be possible without several wonderful freelancer helping me to build everyone. I would love here to point another fact. While i already took older daughter to class of development introduction (she made simple animation with drag and drop), I do not intend to invest in girls technical education. I believe they need to understand technology as they will co-work with AI for sure. But looking at current state of technology improvements we can expect that AI will code programs better than humans in next 10 years. Therefore coding skill will not be needed. There will be need for skills related to emotional intelligence, people who can understand hwo and why projectshoudl eb built and be able to communicate needs with machines and people in efficient manner. Therefore education focus is on emotional intelligence, creativity and human interaction.

Talking about interesting test and experiments, here is one. Even that I am happy to leave my humanless e-commerce system to manage portal daily, I do want to monitor system performance and events on the portal. I do not believe that humans should read huge reports and look through some complicated dashboard with bunch of data and charts. Oh, no, no. Voice is interface. Very nice developer Damir, helped me build prototype of system that can read data and give me report based on my voice request. Therefore i would sit in cafe, looking at my girls playing in the sandpit and ask my system how certain brands or categories perform and system will pull out data from shop and display it. Now I have to teach system to read only data that is important and to understand what could change in priorities. I do have video which was on YouTube at one stage in which I sit in cafe and ask questions system that pulling data and creating dashboard reports on my request. It worked, it felt sooo good. Like future. Like it should be. Humanless e-commerce in full swing. Here we come. Me and my, well now 4 small servers, but more to come I am sure. And when we join our forces with two gorgeous creative girls, we will build the new fashion empire.

Is this my final goal? Lifelong project? No. All my work and investment will come together at one goal. I believe we misunderstood technology at its core. We should use technology to improve nature, not replace it. Now we are like kid that get new toy and still don’t know how to use it, making mistakes and learning. AI, biotech and nanotech will come together to build products that will naturally be part of Earth environment, complementing, not competing with resources. My life goal is to start building those products.

This is the real legacy I want to leave behind. For my girls, family, friends and everyone on this planet. Help us be more in-tune with our nature, feelings and purpose.

Thanks for sticking till the end. It was fun telling you about my projects. If you want, get in touch below to let me know about your projects or comment on mine - and - have an amazing day. Every day.

I’ll post more on my adventures how I progress, so follow me on Twitter for updates.